Acid Reflux Scan Series

The purpose of the Acid Reflux GRS Scan Series is to produce a scan that comprehensively contains the frequencies associated with the various suspected contributors to that element of research.

Because the frequencies are not refined to those that are unique in their association, they require a greater measure of interpretation in order to effectively direct one's course of research.

The Acid Reflux Scan Series contains the following GRS Scan Protocols:

Acid Reflux - Fungal Causes [1 Hours 25 Minutes 40 Seconds]

Acid Reflux - Parasitic Cause [1 Hours 15 Minutes 20 Seconds]

Acid Reflux - Pathogenic Causes [2 Hours 4 Minutes 10 Seconds]

A protocol may be generated directly from the results of these scans. The results may also be used to more effectively target one's research, directing one's attention to other specific protocols.

Acid Reflux Scan Series
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