Adenovirus Series

The purpose of the Adenovirus Series regimen is to produce a well formed set of protocols, using the latest advancements in programming methods, that focuses on that specific field of research.

Members of the TrueRife Research Network would be looking for some subjective effect from the initial session.  Duration of effect should also be noted and recorded, to determine if duration of effect increases with the frequency of application of the protocol.

The Adenovirus Series contains the following protocols:

Adenovirus [2 Hours 45 Minutes 27 Seconds] for use with TrueRife Double-Bubble bulb, with Qx2 Amplifier in accelerated mode

Adenovirus-36 [36 Minutes] for use with TrueRife Spiral bulb

Adenovirus - Overnight [6 Hours 37 Minutes 54 Seconds] for use with TrueRife Hammer Hi-Lo

Adenovirus - Ion Pro Wave [1 Hour 12 Minutes] for use with TrueRife Ion Pro Wave

Adenovirus Series
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