Lyme Co-Infections Series

The purpose of the Lyme Co-Infections Series regimen is to produce a well formed set of protocols, using the latest advancements in programming methods, that focuses on that specific field of research.

It is designed to assist members of the TrueRife Research Network to focus their research more closely when addressing Lyme Disease and its Co-Infections. The Lyme Co-Infection Series contains the following Protocols and Scans:

Anaplasma [1 Hour 6 Minutes]

Babesiosis [59 Minutes 6 Seconds]

Bartonella [1 Hour 15 Minutes 18 Seconds]

Ehrlichiosis [1 Hour 15 Minutes 36 Seconds]

Mycoplasma Fermentans [36 Minutes]

Mycoplasma Haemofelis [1 Hour 12 Seconds]

Mycoplasma Pneumoniae [1 Hour 20 Minutes 33 Seconds]

Mycoplasma Pulmonis [27 Minutes]

Mycoplasma Salivarium [18 Minutes]

Mycoplasma [1 Hours 57 Minutes 18 Seconds]

Protomyxzoa [1 Hour 24 Minutes 36 Seconds]

Rickettsia Felis [1 Hour 34 Minutes 45 Seconds]

Rickettsia [1 Hour 57 Minutes 24 Seconds]

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Overnight [5 Hours 23 Minutes 48 Seconds]

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever [1 Hour 59 Minutes 50 Seconds]

Tularemia [59 Minutes 45 Seconds]

- and -

Lyme Co-Infection - (N)Scan [16 Minutes]

Lyme Co-Infection - Scan [16 Minutes]

Lyme Disease - Scan [57 Minutes 10 Seconds]

Lyme Differential - Scan [7 Minutes 30 Seconds]

This regimen is recommended for those who are limited in the amount of time they have available to run protocols, or their tolerance for running those protocols, on their TrueRife instruments or who are finding it a challenge to ascertain whether they wish to run protocols for Lyme Disease or Lyme Co-Infections.

Lyme Co-Infections Series
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