Shingles Series

The purpose of the Shingles Series Regimen is to produce a well formed set of protocols, using the latest advancements in programming methods, that focuses on that specific field of research.

It contains the following protocols:

Shingles Pain (36 Minutes) - Spiral Bulb

Shingles (48 Minutes 9 Seconds) - Spiral Bulb

Shingles Blaster (1 Hour 24 Minutes 9 Seconds) - [Combines Shingles Pain and Shingles]

Shingles - Ion Pro Wave (1 Hour 16 Minutes) - Ion Pro Wave

Shingles - Overnight (8 Hours 15 Seconds) - Hammer Hi-Lo

The Overnight protocol may provoke an outbreak.  The complete regimen should be run daily/nightly while the outbreak persists.  Hence, it is not available separately.

Shingles Series
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